The answer for most people is…Both!!

Continuing Education is a powerful way to get in front of Agents and is the cornerstone of the educate2earn brand.  Agents all need a certain number of “CE” hours annually in order to renew their license, so conducting a class means they are all your captive audience for three hours.  Our CE classes are all done for you. Complete with class flyers and a power point as a guide so you can learn the material quickly and provide practical application of the subject to all Agents attending.

CE does have its restrictions.  Instructors cannot sell, promote or in any way identify brands for sale during a class.  Sponsors must speak outside the three-hour time frame of the class itself.  Class formats must be followed and cannot be varied much, breaks must be taken and attendance must be tracked.

A workshop, or “Lunch and Learn”, on the other hand is structured as a promotional talk designed to help the Agent improve in their daily business.  There are no rules on a workshop as to what you can and cannot talk about and a shorter instructional interval attracts a somewhat different crowd.  You might find that the better producers will attend a Lunch and Learn, where they may not have the time to spend three hours at a CE class.  Often times, the Agent wants to get the information quickly and get on with their business.

We have provided the power point deck for you to customize the Lunch and Learn to your specifications.  On a CE class, the PPTs cannot be modified.

At educate2earn, we recommend using both tools for maximum exposure.  A best practice is to use Lunch and Learns as a training ground to become comfortable speaking in front of a group.

For more information, please contact the educate2earn staff.