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MCE Elective                  FHA 203K – Vital For Today’s Agent                                                         03-00-105-26375

MCE Elective                 FHA and VA Distressed Property Options                                               03-00-064-24487

MCE Elective                 FHA/VA Loans-What Realtors Need to Know                                       03-00-043-25504

MCE Elective                 How To Win The Listing Before The Appointment                             03-00-065-25895

MCE Elective                 Planning For Agent Success                                                                           03-00-105-26374

MCE Elective                 The Value of Listing Being Seen on Social Media                                03-00-024-24081

MCE Elective                Understanding FICO & Managing Credit                                                   03-00-043-25505