California LO’s, Welcome to Marketing at AmeriFirst!  

    • Each button below will take you to a Marketing resource.  

    Your Regional & National Marketing Team is here to support you!  If you would like to setup a call,  we would be happy to walk you through this process.  Email us today.

    If you are just getting started with Marketing at AmeriFirst, we have organized the buttons below in the order we recommend you get started.

    1. educate2earn 
    2. The Marketing Library
    3.  (request a password here)
    4. Blogging Platform
    5. Cloud CMA (request a password here)
    6. Surefire/Top of Mind
    7. Nestablish  (request a password here)
    8. Webinars

      STEP 1
    • Connect with Agents Teaching CE/Workshops
    • Provide Agent Solutions
    • Engage with Agents and Build Relationships
      STEP 2
    • Marketing Flyer Templates
    • Loan Program info for Agents  and Borrowers
    • Agent Engagement Tools
      STEP 3
    • Enhance Agent Online Presence
    • Help agents build relationships and win listings
    • 40+ Innovative online Solutions, including single-property websites, pURL’s, CRM, and more!
      STEP 4
    • Enhance you and your realtor’s online presence
    • Help agents increase their listing’s ranking on Google
      STEP 5
    • Create, customize, and store limitless buyer and seller reports
    • Online Buyer Tours, Property Reports, Listing Flyer, and CMA’s

      STEP 6
    • Co-Branded Marketing Campaigns ensure that you and your realtors stay top of mind with clients
    • Email Drip and video campaigns to educate your clients and realtors throughout the loan process
      STEP 7
    • Provide 24/7 Pre-Quals that Agents can access anywhere!
      STEP 8

    • Be Sure to check out our Webinars for 24/7 Marketing Training!

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    Ask your branch manager about local training resources & additional tools provided by AFI.