Today we talked about HIT REPORTS and FEEDBACK reporting.  Remember, you are coming to your agents with new strategies.  Are either of these things something that may add value to their business?  If you were selling your home, would you like to see what the agent was doing to promote their property?

Under the PROPERTIES tab – you click on the icon that says REPORT.  Your agent can then print this/email to their client to show them what they are doing to market their home.

You can also create a FEEDBACK report.  This will allow your agent to create a report that can be emailed to the person showing the house with questions about the property.  Your agent can then show their client what people are saying about their home.

This is what it looks like when sent:

Please call or email me if you need help with doing this.  I do not want you to feel stuck or get behind.  I am here to answer questions.