Flip Books

Use your flip books


Under your MARKETING tab – click on FLIP SHOWS

  • You can use them for your one-on-one appointments

  • Show your agent how to send a custom flip book for their listing presentation

Either use the propertyURL.flipshow.com OR under the PROPERTIES tab – TOOLS


  • Use them for a lunch and learn

    • Under your MARKETING tab – Agent How To’s

    • There are 5 flip books shows.  Either hover over the topics and look for the video link, or go to:

    •  http://class-3.flipshow.com/indexGo2.htm  Change the Class-3 to; Class-1…Class-2, etc. to see all the flip shows available.

Where should I use these Flip Books?

√ Send in an eMail

√ Use for your presentation (use CTRL + Zoom to enlarge on your computer)

√ Put them on a website with the widget*

√ Use either Flash or using a tablet, use Java

*for the widget – go to your PROPERTIES tab – WIDGETS

Scroll down to the bottom of that page for the Listing Book Widget(s)

And, just because we love you….


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