SO….. not a lot of people have created their dream board.  I hope that after today you will be convinced it is worth the time.  Here are the short cut instructions for how to do yours:

Re-visit your goals worksheet and use it to create your own “visual aid”.  Write down specific goals, dreams and projects that you want to accomplish.  PUT IT UP ON THE WALL!!

I am including a new and improved version for a dream board so that everyone will be well equipped for success

 1. Go to

               a. Click on IMAGES on the top

                     b. Type in the “goal” ex: new car, loans, vacations, etc. and it will give you an image of it!

                     c. Right click on the image and SAVE AS jpeg to a folder on your computer

2. Once you have all of your pictures – go to :

3. Download Picasa

4. It will upload all of the pictures from your computer to a folder in Picasa:

5. Click on the create a collage button shown below:

6. Once the collage is done – you can move pictures around – edit – choose the size you want – and then save it.  Once you save the collage as a JPEG or an image, you can send it to be printed.  I used and had them make me a poster (same day!!!!)