The Broadcast My Move is all about EMOTIONS.  You are catering to someone’s emotional investment in their new home.  Make the Broadcast reflect your level of caring.  Both for your agent partner and your BUYERS

Strategies for using the Broadcast My Move:

  1. EVERY purchase transaction – every single deal you personally close, send out a Broadcast

  • Set up with one picture (Google screen capture so you can grab a picture to include)

  • Call realtor and set an appointment to stop by and show them how to build one

  • Send to the borrower from both of you and show them how to enhance (login to the broadcast)

  1. Agent Deals – either deals that you worked on together or deals that the agent has closed in the last 30 days.  Offer them this great “digital change of address card” they can use as a thank you note for their buyers.

  2. Title Reps.  They are your friends!  Help make them look good to their clients.  Offer them this tool for their business.  Help them to connect with their agents to present and give to borrowers. They will remember your attitude of GIVING!

Here are some great tools to use:


Flyer from Amerifirst-Advertising under MARKETING tab:

Broadcast My Move

by: Tena Hughes

How to enter and edit a Broadcast My Move in your Agent Marketing account